My name is John William Roney III and I was born in Washington D.C. twenty-three years ago.  I grew up in Northern Virginia and have lived here most of my life.

Throughout school I was driven to want to succeed in my life, mostly because of the pain I experienced growing up in a poor-to-lower-middle class family with an alcoholic father.  I was always a good student and while I was accepted into good colleges, I wound up dropping out of school halfway through my first semester to pursue success in business.

Within two and a half years after leaving school, I had earned my first six-figure income which was more than both of my parents had ever earned in a single year combined.   More importantly, I was put into situations that would test and grow my character.  I learned almost everything by trial and error–by making mistake after mistake after mistake.  Most importantly, my relationship with the Lord grew stronger and stronger.  The Lord Jesus is the rock of my life and without Him, truly I would be nothing and would have accomplished nothing of significance.  It is Him who deserves all the glory and the credit for my life.  It is for Him that I try to accomplish all things.



  1. Steve Allen said,

    Hey pal, you rock man.

    Dont worry, Lord will cover you all the time.

    Go to Proverbs 3:1-12

    That’s awesome words from Lord.

    God bless you!

  2. Lydia said,

    hey john!
    how are you..?
    well this is the only way to really contact you, so i thought i would try to see if it worked..
    i didnt know that your website has come this far from which it was in the past, but it has come a long way [=
    just letting you know that i miss you much!
    && i cant stand being in this house alone with mom..
    please come home soon..
    i miss you lots&lots!
    your cute adorable bit little sister [=

  3. Lydia said,

    hey john!
    how are you && things where you are..?
    i tried to acess my email if you had wrighten back..
    but aparently i have either lost my password, which most likely is the case.. or it has been disabled from not going on in so long..?
    anyways i miss you lots!
    && that i hope i get to see you before i leave for Atlanta, GE for my trip..
    but when ever i get to see you..
    i cant wait!
    i really cannot stand mother any longer..
    so pelaseee come home soon..
    i miss you lots&lots!
    your cute adorable big little sister [=

  4. Apurv said,

    Hi John,

    I hope your stomach is well now. I m missing u alot. Pls add me to skype as: apurvsqc
    I have already sent u a request. Whenever u r online, do speak to me once…
    I love u buddy!

    May jesus bless u wid the best..

    Truly 4 u,
    Apurv Soni,
    New Delhi, India.

  5. Lydia Roney said,

    heyy johnny boy!!
    how are you lately..?
    well i just wanted to know because we never really get to talk anymore.
    moms birthday is on saturday && i dont know what else to get her other than the facial that i already scheduled..
    so yea..
    but she got the flowers you sent her..
    and she loved them =]
    also i got the results back from my SOLs..
    suprisingly my history score was the best and a pass advanced 513..
    then my biology score was mediocre(dont know how to spell that) 459..
    and then when i found out my math score i was dissapointed475..
    because last year i got something like 564..
    which was obviously pass advanced..
    so yea..
    also to help you understand these scores..
    anything below 400 is a fail..
    anything between 400-500 is mediocre..
    anything above 500 is pass advanced..
    and 600 is a perfect score..
    as i said i was rather dissapointed in my math score..
    other than that..
    it was fine..
    if you are wondering..
    we dont have a SOL for english(only 8th, 11th, &12th grade)..
    well anyways..
    thats all the news i have for you and to inform you..
    i hope you’re able to come home to America for my birthday at least =]
    love you lots and lots!
    miss you lots and lots too!
    -your cute adorable big little sister
    Lydia =]

  6. Lydia said,

    hey john!
    just wondering how things are going with you and weather or not you have seen the wild life yet..?
    well just to let you know that its obviously fathers day where you are..but not here..
    what i mean though, is that you should call dad and wish him a happy fathers day..
    daddy cant pay for the ticket or for any other expenses if i went down..
    so im not going down to florida this year..
    dad was rather dissapointed that i couldnt come down..
    but just to let you know..
    only 28 more days till my birthday turing 15!!!!
    i really hope you can be home in time..
    to be here for my birthday..
    because my birthday is on a sunday..
    so i know you’ll be able to come and see me if you’re in America =D
    another thing that i think you should know..
    that first picture on you website has a picture of 5 people on it…
    and you have 6 names listed..
    in the little caption above saying who the people are..
    just in case you didnt pick that up any sooner =]
    or if no one else had the guts to tell you that 🙂
    two more things! hahaha
    the last day of school is on monday..
    a really good present is hinting the week you are coming back in the country..
    but not telling me specifically which day you are coming home..
    that way i have a good idea..
    but that way im really suprised and even more grateful that you are home =]
    love you lots..
    and miss you lots too..
    >your cutely irrestable funny sisterscuttle bug!!!!ahhh!hahaha

  7. Brion Lau said,


    How are you doing? I’m not sure if you received my recent email. I only have your Apprentice Press email, but am not sure if that’s still active.

    It would be great to catch up. Fortunately, I’ve been able to read your blog and get up to speed over the past few months.

    I’ll give you a call. It’s probably easier to chat live. Talk to you soon!


  8. Just found your blog through blogrush. I look forward to reading more. Its so refreshing to find a man who gives all the credit for his success to God. AMEN!

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