June 13, 2007

Sometimes Life Unfolds Just A Few Feet In Front Of You

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:17 am by John Roney

Just yesterday, I woke up at about 9am after going to bed around 4am and got dressed to go running. I had been on the phone most of the night with some business friends in the States. Before I could make it out the door, Alicia, Stephen’s wife, asked if we could have a little meeting. I said, ‘of course’.

Then she explained to me that she wanted me to become Stephen’s ‘seminar director’. We talked about what this would mean. And while I was excited by the idea, there was something running through the back of my mind that was just not fitting together with this new plan and that was the new product I was planning to release in a few weeks. This product would have likely earned me a few thousand dollars a month and would have given me a base-income (which I could really use) to pay off debts ($63,000 of debt) and make sure I had enough money along the way.

Even though Stephen and Alicia cover my travel, I don’t actually earn anything while I’m on the road, except what my little online trading affiliate business produces. But of course, the learning is invaluable, and if I had the money, I would be paying Stephen just for letting me work with him so much. It is a good arrangement.

Anyway, the idea was that I would launch this membership and it would take care of the monthly expenses and debt payments I had. The Lord is sometimes quite amusing the way he works, and a few times yesterday I found myself stopping to laugh at the situation. I just recently placed a couple of ads to sell my car (back in Virginia) because it was just too expensive when I looked at the total cost over the next seven years of the loan. I compared this total amount with saving the money and investing it over the long-term and this was just too high of a price to pay for a car I rarely drive any more.

I am also moving out of my apartment in Northern Virginia for the same reason. If you look at the money I’ve paid and the time I’ve lived there over the past few months, each night’s stay winds up costing me more than a thousand dollars a night. Not okay. =) So I’m making this change as well to reduce my unnecessary expenses and be a wiser steward of the money the Lord gives me.

Hopefully this will allow me to reinvest more of the money I earn from affiliate commissions back into growing the same business. And then I pray that the work I do with Stephen and Alicia will continue to be right for my strengths and that I will do an excellent job for them and it will become a financial blessing of its own. But above all, I’m trying to give up my plans for God’s plans. My plans never seem to work, and God’s plans are always better from all my experience, so I do my best to stop trying to get my way and just let Him get His. =)



  1. hello there,

    interesting read, good on you for making the smart changes you mentioned good luck with everything…

    wow steven & alicia pierce offered you a poisition as a director….

    did you end up taking it

  2. jangan salahkan AA’ kalau dipikir2 toh poligami bukan perbuatan yang melanggar??? t’serah kalau ngan sepaham, cuma gua ingin membuka sedikit rahasia p Click https://twitter.com/moooker1

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