April 6, 2007

Great Tool for Managing Personal Projects

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There are two tools I use more than anything else in managing the different projects and outcomes I have, plus any information I’m currently using or needing access to: The 2007 versions of both Microsoft Outlook & Microsoft OneNote.

OneNote is a new program that acts as something of a visual filing system, allowing me to store information in different areas to access later with relative ease. This is where I keep information on any affiliate programs I have, all the projects and outcomes that I’m working on and any other information that I find useful or necessary to keep.

It’s a good spot even for something like a travel itinerary. When I get an email or view a website with a place ticket, I simply “print the document” to OneNote, and then it allows me to save it as an image in my travel section.

Outlook has been around for as long as I can recall and is a great tool for email and scheduling. I do all of my email with Outlook, but for scheduling I personally use my PDA phone because it’s always with me and very easy to use. But when it comes to following up on items, I do use outlooks follow up tools and calendar and to-do sections.

But above either of these two tools is a strategic way of looking at the outcomes I have and deciding how and when to do them. I am very far from perfect but those I work with seem to think I get a lot done and am very organized. Most of what I have learned about time and priority management came from studying Tony Robbins’ time management program called The Time Of Your Life. It’s a great program and I’d recommend that everyone go through it at least once. But of course, God’s naturally given talents play more into someone’s success, with applied hard work I believe, than any other single factor or training course.

Personality has a lot to do with productivity and good time management too. If you’re a student of Stephen Pierce’s and you’ve played the Know Your Brain Game then you’ll appreciate the fact that I’m half-red and half-green—I guess kind of like a Christmas tree. =)

In His Service,


P.S. Green, in the Know Your Brain Game system, is a personality descriptor of someone who is analytical, while Red is the driven, results and money-driven type personality. =)


April 4, 2007

Daily Questions & Commitments

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I thought I might post this list of questions that I use each morning to get my day going. I don’t always make the time to go through and answer these questions, but I aim to work out in the mornings when I get up around 5-6, and then either do the questions before I work out or after, or a combination of before and after. Here are the questions, exactly as they appear in my working journal each day.


  1. Commit to serving the Lord with my whole heart and putting other’s needs above my own.
  2. Write my major goals as though they were already accomplished. Feel the feelings behind the goals.
  3. How can I improve my work by 1/2 of 1 percent today?
    1. If I could only do one thing today, but that one thing would contribute more value than anything else, what would that one thing be?
    2. How can I go to the extra mile today?
  4. Commit to building others up and encouraging them today.
  5. Remind myself that all that I have is from the Lord and that it is all for His glory.
  6. Send me the bill, Lord; extract all the glory from my life.
  7. What system could I build today that would increase my efficiency and multiply my results?
  8. What new question could I ask and answer today that would take my life and service to a new level?
  9. What are some things that I am grateful for?
  10. Commitment to demanding more from myself than anyone else could possibly expect.
  11. I am a strong warrior for the Lord in the marketplace.
  12. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
  13. I commit to the activities that lie clearly at hand.
  14. Review current projects, create an action plan and start it.