February 25, 2007

The Templeton Plan Notes (Step 1)

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Step 1: Learning the Laws of Life

The world operates on spiritual principles, just as it does on the laws of physics and gravity. These principles, or laws, are as important for our welfare as stopping for a red light at a business intersection. Our inner life is saved or lost to the extent that we obey the laws of life.

Truthfulness is a law of life. People of character would never promise something and then go back on their word.

Reliability is a law of life. The professional who prospers today is the one whose word you can depend on.

Faithfulness is a law of life. Faithfulness means you can rely on a person to not cut corners or try to deceive you.

Perseverance is a law of life. You will always give your business and your trust to someone who will see a project through, even when difficulties arise—as they usually do. In everything we do, therea re problems to solve, and the person who gives up or turns to an easier task is not the kind of person who will find success.

Enthusiasm is a law of life. To be a success you must work at a task with your whole heart. Enthusiasm is contagious. You can infect your suppliers and customers with it.

Energy is a law of life. Successful, deeply fulfilled people have a high degree of energy. They are not lazy, nor do they spend much time on idle matters.

Humility is a law of life. The young should welcome, not ignore, the advice and experience of their teachers and parents. Through a humble approach to life, the successful person will learn at an early age to profit from the knowledge of parents and teachers.

Pleasing others is a law of life. Now, of course, it’s impossible to please everyone, but we will be more productive and successful if we try.

Giving is a law of life. Successful people give and give still more; their giving is returned to them in full measure. Watch the top people in business. They are the ones who give more than is expected of them. In return, they receive the rewards. They attract the customers. Their giving leads ultimately to success, both in worldly terms and spiritually.

Joy is a law of life. The happiness and joy comes from opportunities to serve. John Templeton names as the most joyful group of people he has ever met the young women studying to be members of the society of Mother Teresa. He observed that their happiness had an almost visible glow, and if had nothing to do with self-indulgence. Success need not necessarily take a financial form. But real success can never be achieved without the element of usefulness, of serving.

Altruism is a law of life. The altruistic person tries to make our world a better place to live in. those who search for success and happiness will find a way. One man, a widower with six children, makes the world a better place by raising his children on his own. They love him so much that, when they marry, they live near home so that the family needn’t split apart. That man made the world a bettere place by loving his six children. They had the benefit and warmth of his love, and that is a form of riches that is always passed on.

The altruist discovers an individual way to make the world a better place than it was before. It may be because he writes a book. Or because she paints a picture. Or because he rears his children with intelligence and compassion. Or because she invents a new cooking recipe. Or because his life serves as a shining light for others. There are large and small ways to make the world a better place, and all the paths, as different as they may be, lead to success.

The laws of life are the basic building blocks for a happy and successful life.


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