February 22, 2007

Two New Sites Launched

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:18 am by John Roney

I have recently published two new sites online: www.authortips.com and www.SponsorAMissionary.com. Here is a little info on each one:

www.AuthorTips.com is designed to hold a collection of resources, tips, strategies, and ideas for authors, grown out of my experiences working for Morgan James Publishing as well as my experiences working with dozens of authors. I love sharing ideas and I’ve been sitting on too many ideas since leaving publishing. It feels like they are just starting to wither away (like a muscle that’s not used), so rather than let that decay happen, I hope to share as many ideas for authors as I can recall.

www.SponsorAMissionary.com is designed to capture and hold some ideas I have for creating a non-profit organization called Sponsor a Missionary, the objective of which is to support and equip overseas missionaries as they do the work of the Lord. Lord will, this blog will eventually turn into a more comprehensive website as the organization grows to include multimedia, a donation tool, as well as all the necessary legal requirements for operating a non-profit organization.

I welcome anyone to visit the sites and comment on the material, as well as add comments of your own. I think in some cases a blog should be called a digital mastermind because that is truly what they can be. Please contribute your own ideas, suggestions, criticisms and comments in the spirit of serving others.

In faithful service,

John W. Roney III


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