February 22, 2007

Great Internet Marketing Call w/ Stu McLaren

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Stu McLaren, founder of the Idea Incubator seminar – www.IdeaSeminar.com, just gave a great training call on traffic generation, one of the fundamental skills to all internet marketing success. Here are some notes I took from the call.

I attended Stu’s Idea Incubator a year ago February when I was an intern for Alex Mandossian. I’ve told Stu a couple times now that his event remains in my memory as one of the three best events I have ever attended out of just over a dozen different marketing seminars. The words to describe Stu’s event are these: small, yet quality audience (about 100), A+ speakers, and an intimate environment that fosters both time with speakers as well as JV’s with other attendees.

Stu, like most people, was all over the place when he first started marketing online. This is the time when we are usually spending more than we’re making and wondering what to do next.

The Marketing Puzzle

The goal is to focus down on three major areas:

  1. Generating Traffic – If you don’t know how to generate traffic, it doesn’t matter how good your product or copy is because no one will ever see it or buy it.
  2. Converting Traffic – Once you get that traffic to your site, how do you convert them from a suspect to prospect to customer to raving-fan.
  3. Back-End Marketing – This is where the profit really ads on. If you do not have a back-end built, you are missing the bulk of your potential revenue. This is also where the long-term profits are.

Generating Traffic

  1. Writing and Publishing Articles (Article Distribution) – This allows people to sample your work while giving you an opportunity to gain back-links to your site. The benefit of the back-links are many, but two of which are search-engine rankings and potential traffic sources. You can even hire someone to write articles for you if you don’t want to take the time to do it yourself. Make sure that your articles have good keywords specific to what you do, or to a product that you have. When you include your website in your signature file The key here is to write and publish and distribute on a regular basis. This will maximize the value of the strategy and increase the number of links that are coming back to you.
    1. Use your bio box wisely. Include a link to an audio or special report or video that will help you build your list, and drive that traffic back to an opt-in page.
  2. Affiliate Programs – The power here is that you an leverage an entire army of commission-only salespeople. You will only pay them a commission if they bring you a sale.
    1. Maintain consistent communication with your affiliates.
    2. Provide them content, tools and resources to make them effective at promoting you.
    3. Make it easy for them to promote what you offer so they can get the word out to their lists.
  3. Online Press Releases – Press releases are similar to article writing.
    1. Use good, targeted keywords.
    2. Make it newsworthy.
  4. Pay-Per-Click Advertising – It is very easy to get traffic this way, but it is easy to lose money fast if you do it wrong.
    1. Think about what kinds of searches your prospects would be doing and do your research. What would the consumer be typing into the search engine if they were looking for what you offer?
    2. www.KeywordElitePro.com – provides information and research on your competitions PPC ads. Use this tool to find out what is working in your market—study the ads they continue to run, because those are probably working if they continue to run them consistently.
  5. Banner advertisement – You have to know where to purchase the right kinds of banners. If you can get a banner at the right place, in front of the right number and right targeted audience, it can do well for you.
    1. Ryan Deiss will be talking about banner ads at Stu’s event.
  6. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – this takes time and is not a recommended strategy for beginners
  7. Link Exchanges – You are basically contacting site owners who have traffic related to what you do and asking them to put up a link to your site.
    1. There are strategies to minimize the work, but it can also be done manually.
  8. Forum Posting – This is similar to writing articles in a way because you are writing content, getting it out there, and having a signature people may find with a link back to your website.
    1. Be sure to incorporate relevant keywords to your product or service
  9. Video Submissions – Using video to generate traffic is working extremely well for those who are using it properly.
    1. Can also become viral with the right video and the right message
  10. Viral Marketing – this will happen when people have an incentive, whether financial or simply because the message is so good.
  11. Article Trading – this is something that very few people are utilizing
    1. Find people with a newsletter relevant to what you do and offer to put your article in their newsletter or autoresponder in exchange for their article going in your newsletter, for example.
    2. To go the extra mile, you can include that other person’s affiliate link for your product and when a sale is made, you send them a check.
  12. Podcasting – allows you to get your marketing message into the market while you bond with potential future clients.
    1. Good for targeting female audiences especially
  13. Blogging – a great, social way to generate traffic, especially for search engine friendliness
    1. Make sure that when you are posting, you include targeted keywords also.
    2. Like article writing, consistency here is a key. The more often the better.
    3. This is one of the best strategies for beginners just getting started because of its low cost and ease of start up.
  14. Joint-Ventures – This is how most of the marketers I have ever met have grown their businesses once they were up and running.

Converting the Traffic You’ve Created

  1. Copywriting – good copywriting is a huge key. If you have traffic, but can’t convert it, the traffic is practically useless.
    1. Words are the keys to copywriting. Pay attention to all the little details about what compels people to take action.
    2. Copywriting is one of the most profitable skills you can learn as a marketer – it is the core of communicating your message.
    3. Testing is very important to do with your copy in order to maximize your results.
    4. Ray Edwards will be speaking at Stu’s event. I know Ray personally and he is not only a top-notch copywriter, but also a good man of character to get to know.
  2. Incorporate Audio & Video in your web pages for maximum impact of your site’s personality and message.
    1. Alex Mandossian is a great example of how to effectively use audio.
    2. Make sure you include video testimonials if you have them on your website. This is good social proof for others to see and believe.
    3. Video can also be used to demonstrate products. In fact, video plus good copy is probably the best way known right now to convert traffic.
  3. Understanding Your Customers & Clientele – just ask yourself, what would motivate me to take an action?
    1. See things from your customers point of view

Back-End Marketing

This is the marketing funnel in action. Marketing is a numbers game. You will bring in many people at lower-priced products and fewer people as you graduate your clients to higher-priced products.

  • Seminars
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Boot Camps
  • Courses

The key here is to continue to deliver value to people. Give them more of what they want and they will continue to buy from you. Your goal is to create raving-fan or evangelistic customers. Alex Mandossian will be giving his Stick Strategy Secrets presentation at Stu’s event.

  1. Deliver Unexpected Bonuses after they order
  2. Focus on long-term success by incorporating Stick Strategies
  3. Include a One-Time Offer or Upsell offer
    1. Make sure the offer is similar to what they are already buying

In Conclusion

Take a look at Stu McLaren’s website at www.IdeaSeminar.com and sign up to receive the rest of the preview calls leading up to his seminar.

-John W. Roney



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  3. Great tips! I especially liked the ones you gave about article writing. I use articles to market my business, and I’ve found them to be very effective.

    Wish I had interviewed you for my book!

    I look forward to reading more from you.


    Jinger Jarrett

  4. John Roney said,

    Thank you, Jinger.

    I’m still surprised that people are finding and reading the material here. I build the blog simply to give me accountability to write, knowing that I would post something every day. I never even meant for anyone to find it, but glad it is of value. : ) -John

  5. srinivas said,

    gives somuch information about internet marketing and very nice tips. most important thing is that updated information it attrack me very much.


  6. Britt Estep said,

    Thanks for this useful information. Your post holds great value.

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  9. Lyle said,

    When it comes to Internet Marketing, simplicity is the best way to go.

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