February 15, 2007

New Career, New Direction

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I would be willing to guess that there are not many times in a person’s career where they will leave doing work that they like to pursue a direction they feel called to go in.  But this is what the Lord has had in store for me recently.

My career path has not been very long so far (only about 4  years), but it has been interesting. Allow me to share just a bit of where I’ve been and the amazing things that the Lord has been doing in my life in the recent months.

Let’s start by jumping back to the first yearout of high-school where the story begins. I was working for a retail electronics store as I kept getting the entrepreneurial bug bites. I had been bitten earlier on with paper routes in middle school, and lawn care business in high school, but now the bug was biting again.

I decided to leave working at the retail job after I found a network marketing company, PrePaid Legal. I didn’t want to build the business, but I had met and hired my first coach–a gentleman who taught me how to buy legal leads and sell the legal service plans. I had just been approved for a platinum mastercard with a $9,000 limit and so I moved to Naples, Florida (to get away from family, pursuing what I thought was some ideal vision of striking it out on my own). I charged an expensive apartment on the card and started making some prepaid legal plan sales. I was making a couple thousand a month, but was spending more time at the beach than I was working.

To make the long-story short, my dad was in trouble with his place in Virginia and I invited him to move in with me. He was going through medical challenges and in the 3 months he lived with me, we went to the emergency room a total of 13 times. I wound up taking a job at the local county government to get back on track and it was about that time I started working with my first business mentor, Jeff Mills.

Jeff helped me earn some money to get through the tough times and six months later we started into the home-business travel opportunity, Coastal Vacations, together. I earned just over $185k in a year and a half with that opportunity because I had invested extensive time in getting trained by a top trainer in mlm, Dani Johnson. Dani had helped me learn to talk with people, and Jeff had showed me how to market online. This combination led to the six-figure income (but I sure wish I knew where that money went and how I ended up in more debt than when I started).

I sold my coastal business after I started interning for Alex Mandossian. For 8 months, Alex sent me around the country to the different seminars he was speaking at. Truly, it was an amazing opportunity to serve people along the way. Plus, one of the greatest gifts was the people that I met–very successful people, too numerous to mention here. But recently, a friend of mine gave me an assignment to write down the people I knew in business, how I knew them, and what they do. I did the exercise and found I knew about 150 people, several of whom are millionaires in business and many more earn excellent incomes on and off the internet.

After working with Alex I went to work with David Hancock and Morgan James Publishing. It was a fun time, although rocky at times. I received my first two speaking engagements with Morgan James and had the privilege of coaching many authors, plus meeting some of the names in the publishing industry. I’m not sure why this is significant, but I put about 11,000 on my car in 3 months for the sake of a short publishing career. I had planned to publish multiple books, build informations products in the publishing area, and work with authors for the rest of my life. But, the great news is that it’s all for God’s glory and He had other plans for me.

The same weekend that I met Alex Mandossian, which was October 2005, I also met Stephen Pierce. I stayed in touch with Stephen and his wife Alicia over the next year and a half, just building our relationship little-by-little. About the time events started winding down the publishing career, I was talking with Alicia about potential serving opportunities with them in Asia (where they do a lot of speaking work). I kept getting the feeling that the Lord was sending me in this direction.

It might have been a number of reasons, but one was that I have always dreamed of sponsoring missionaries overseas, but especially to India. My middle school Sunday school teacher and his family want to be full-time missionaries to India and I want God to use me to help send them. I’ve had, for many years now, the vision to make money, invest and grow it wisely and build an organization that sponsors missionaries, helps them build communities and churches and make an impact in people’s lives overseas. Now it seems that I might have an opportunity in the future to go to Asia and India and serve in person with the Pierce’s, which is a dream come true for me. : )

For now, Alicia made me responsible for their Japanese coaching program and a couple of product launch opportunities as well. I know this is all a blessing for me and I see God displaying His glory all over the place. My prayer is to continue being trusted with opportunities to serve and that I finish well and do a good job, always giving Him the glory, for the blessings He continues to send into my life. I am not sure where the path will lead, but fortunately I’ve been learning that I don’t have to. I leave that to the Lord and put my full trust in Him, learning to be content with whatever level of success He knows is best.

-In faithful service,

John W. Roney



  1. Sherry Pope said,

    John, I love it when I read about people like yourself and they give God the glory for what is happening in their lives. I too have trained under Dani Johnson, she is a person I admire because of her faithfulness in putting God in her business and in her training.

    I found her when I was looking for more training in my home business. I so love what I am doing and believe God has put this work-at-home opportunity in my path because I am able to help so many people with what I do.

    I pray that God continues to bless you and the work of your hands and that He gives you His wisdom in all that you do.


  2. Sometimes we forget that God can see the bigger picture. John I honor you for recognizing that and being willing to go with the bumps to stay in God’s will. We at Morgan James continue to wish you well, and pray God continues to bless you and the Pierces.

    If I may quote Stephen Covey, “The most important ingredient we put into any relationship is not what we say or what we do, but what we are”. John keep that focus with your eye still on God’s big picture, and you will touch and bless many lives to come.

  3. Ryan Healy said,

    Hey John – Thanks so much for sharing what’s going on in your life. God is great, isn’t He? His plans are bigger than ours… and we cannot thwart His will. But there is rest in knowing that He’s in control. Praise God!

  4. kabababrubarta said,

    Cool! kabababrubarta

  5. Hi John!

    It was indeed a pleasure to have worked with you this last 3-days here in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.

    I never thought you were a man of God. I should have known the way you worked this last few days. It was actually your SERVE to HIM. I Praise and Thank God for that!

    I believe whatever you do in the name of Jesus and especially for HIS GLORY He will Bless you a million times more. Amen?

    All I can do here is just to give HIM Thanks and Praise for everything that He has Bless me with and I believe you are doing the same too.

    I wish you all the best in everything you do and continue to keep your eyes Focus on MAIN THING.

    Hope that you would come back to Kuching again and also hope to be seeing you again in the future.


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