January 19, 2007

Radio Publicity for Authors

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I wanted to post the notes I took from a call with Alex Carroll about how to booked on radio talk shows… these are just my rough notes from the call which I found at http://www.PlannedTVArts.com (in the teleseminar section).

Alex Carroll Homework

Press Kit

  1. Easy Domain Name
  2. Landline (non-cordless phone)
  3. Record your interviews w/ Radio Shack type device
  4. Press Kit Online
  5. Press Kit
    1. Double pocket portfolio, with spot for business cards
    2. Outside Envelope

i. Red

ii. “Requested Material Enclosed”

iii. Hand-written address label

iv. Sticker/picture of yourself or hook idea on the envelope

    1. Paste your printed book cover on the front of the folder
    2. Left Hand Pocket

i. Press Release

1. Available for Interview

2. Contact Info

3. Headline/hook, must be great – “College Dropout Uses “The Apprentice” Principles to Earn A Six-Figure Income Before Age 21 Without Watching The Show—Shares How Others Can Use Same Ideas to Increase Income from A Job or Business”

4. Sub Headline – Author of The Everyday Apprentice tells your audience:

a. How to quickly and easily learn to increase income by 10-20% per year.

b. How to get more of the things they want out of life, faster and easier

c. How to double the rate to retirement

d. (make them want to call you)

ii. List of Sample Questions

a. 95% of the interviewers will use these questions

b. Put the time it takes for you to answer the question beside the question. “answer takes 1 minute”

iii. Controversy Sheet

a. “College Degree Not Necessary For Success In Life”

b. “Most People Spend Time With People Who Hurt Their Chances for Success”

    1. Right Hand Pocket

i. Recommendations from past shows you were on – testimonial letters

ii. Press Clippings

1. Yours

2. If you don’t have your own, find articles, press about your topic – so they see it’s a hot topic – get the biggest press you can find

  1. Calling the Producers
    1. Call the producers, not the hosts
    2. Keep a log of your phone calls and contacts

i. Keep notes, track who you send kits to, etc

ii. You will be guests more than once (they need 10,000 guests per day)

    1. Get right to the point in a voicemail or conversation – “Hey this is Alex Carroll and I wrote a book called How to Beat Speeding Tickets, and with the July 4th weekend coming up, I just thought you might want to have me as a guest on your show to help your listeners who are going to get nabbed in a speed trap over the weekend. If you’re interested I’d be happy to send you out a press kit.”
    2. Getting the Producer on the phone

i. Leave them one voicemail, don’t expect a return call, wait two days, call back

ii. You’ll get voicemail again, hit 0, go back to operator and say, “hey I got Bob’s voicemail, is there any chance that you can page him for me?”

iii. Build a relationship with them

iv. Never give up (high turnover rate in radio)

  1. When they are ready to book you
    1. When are you available?

i. Heart of drive time (7:30-8:30am & 5:15-6:15pm)

ii. “I’ve got a time at 7:30 on Tuesday, or 8:00 on Wednesday, which is best for you.”

iii. Non taped – If we must, we can. But if we can do live, then we will be able to take questions from your listeners and we can answer their questions right on the air and help them.

iv. Get the hotline number (in case you miss the call in)

  1. Interview
    1. Have five to ten bullet points to cover on the interview, your agenda
    2. Introduction – first 60 seconds – why did you write this book? What makes you qualified to write this book?

i. What makes me qualified to write this book? Quite simply, I dropped out of college, began being an apprentice of a successful businessman and within 9 months was earning the income I dreamed about in high school, all by learning from someone who was already getting the results I wanted.

ii. Why did I write this book? I’ve got a desire to serve people and so when I see people applying the principles I wrote about and getting what they want out of life, I get all fired up and want to share these ideas with others.

iii. Why should people listen to you and not switch to another station? I’m going to tell them how to increase their income by 10-20% each year…

    1. Meat of the interview

i. Bullet Points

1. how I beat six out of seven radar tickets – give them lists, and they won’t be able to write them down, so they want to go buy the book

ii. How do they get in touch with you?

1. “The best way for people to order is directly from the publisher. For whoever mentions the name of this show today on the website, they will get some freebies, like…. And….. price of the book is, and the website is theeverydayapprentice.com, and by the way, these books make great stocking stuffers.

a. Give away lists – can do.

  1. After the Interview
    1. Send them a thank you letter “thank you for having me. I look forward to being on again in the future. By the way, if you ever have someone that bails and you need a quick fill in, here’s my cell phone. please feel free to call me”
    2. “if you happen to be a part of one of those websites where you share info and posts with other radio stations, can you please post a good comment about me for the other stations so they will know about me too. thanks ever so much.”
  2. Tips
    1. Have a great show
    2. Get excited, twice over
    3. Have a database, Focus on the big shows (Alex’s Database)
    4. Know how to pitch the producers and be relentless

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  1. Sam Santiago said,

    You saved me a bunch of time looking for my own notes. Thanks!

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