January 14, 2007

Notes on The Secret DVD

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:03 pm by John Roney

These are just personal thoughts and notes about the movie as I watch it for the 4th time:

  • I wonder how much it costs to produce a movie like this…? Would it be self-funded by back-end product sales?
  • Premise is that you can have, do or be anything you want
  • Jack Canfield talks about the success of his book being because of ‘the secret’.
  • Bob Proctor explains that everyone is governed by the same laws of the universe-that there is one law, the law of attraction. Everything that is coming into your life, you are attracting by the images you are holding in your mind, whether they be conscious or unconscious.
  • “Our job as humans is to hold on to the thoughts of what we want.” -John Assaraf “We become what we think about most of the time.”
  • “Thoughts become things.”
  • If you are in debt, even if you don’t want it, and you are focusing on the debt, you will get more of it. You must focus on the things you do want. It is not enough to say you don’t want what you don’t want. You must shift your focus on to the things and feelings you do want.
  • “If you’re complaining about how bad it is, all you’re going to get is more of how bad it is.” -Jack Canfield
  • You don’t have to understand how it works, just that it does.
  • You don’t have to monitor your thoughts all the time, and if you are worried about negative thoughts, its okay because a positive thought is hundreds of times more powerful than a negative thought.
  • There is a buffer of time, which is a good thing, that prevents what you’re thinking about from happening immediately.
  • Dr. Joe Vitale: “Everything that you have in your life, you have attracted. Everything, whether it be debt or a car accident or abundance. Once you accept this, you’ll be on your way.”
  • Whatever it is you are feeling is a perfect reflection of what is in the process of becoming. You’re getting not so much what you’re thinking about as you get what you’re feeling about.
  • The rich get richer, the poor get poorer idea.
  • What you focus on with thought and feeling is what you get, whether you want it or not.
  • The story of Aladdin, when traced back, tells that there was no limit to the number of wishes.
  • In short, you can ask for anything that you want. You don’t have to ask in ‘words’. Simply picture it in your mind, or look at a picture of it. Create a dream board. Or you can write out “I am so happy and grateful now that ….”
  • You don’t have to know how it is going to happen, just to know that it is. Then you must be patient and continue to hold the good thoughts about it in your mind. You must bring yourself into alignment with what you are asking for. You must imagine yourself as already having it.
  • “The universe likes speed. When you get the nudge to act, do it. When you feel the urge to go after something, do it” -Dr. Joe Vitale
  • Hold images of what you want. You can start with nothing.
  • Jack Canfield: you can drive from NY to LA, in the dark with your car headlights, because you’ll always going to be able to see 200 feet in front of your car and that’s all you need to see.
  • You start off with gratitude. Get a gratitude rock. I got one from the beach here at Ka’a’a’w, Oahu, Hawai’i. Make a list of all the things you are grateful for now. And then make a list of being grateful for the things you want. Feel the grateful feelings.
  • When you are thinking about those things that you want, only visualize the end result.
  • Its the feeling that really creates the attraction.
  • You put yourself in the place of really being with that thing. Don’t think of it in the future, because then it will always remain in the future. Feel it now. Pretend to have it now, no matter how silly it seems. After all, how badly do you want change?
  • Dont’ worry about the hows, that’s not your business. Turn it over to the universe. Imagine what you want daily, but don’t make it a chore–you want to be enthusiastic about it.
  • “How can I bring in more money? Intend it. Declare what you want from the catalog of the universe.” -Vitale
  • “Most people have a goal of getting out of debt. That will keep you there. Start focusing on prosperity!” -Proctor
  • As you are feeling unhappy about not having enough money, you are still focusing on not having enough, and that will make sure that you continue to not have enough. What you focus on you will get. What if you visualized checks coming in the mail?
  • Wealth is about your mindset, it is all about what you think.
  • Its okay to notice what you don’t want, but you must not keep your focus there, because if you do, you will get more of that which you do not want.
  • Place your attention and interest on what it is that you do want.


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  2. Tony Roberts said,

    Our family has experienced so many incredible things since putting The Secret and the power of gratitude to work that we started an online company so that others may experience it as well. MyGratitudeRocks.com is an online community and marketplace for like-minded people looking to leverage the law of attraction and the power of gratitude to its fullest. We invite you to visit us often for inspiration and motivation. Wishing you amazing success in all that do, Tony & Cindy Roberts

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