January 14, 2007

Having a Role Model – The Power of Servanthood

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:19 pm by John Roney

One of the ways that the Lord has used the most to advance my career is the process of me working with a mentor. I have always found good luck going to work for someone for free. Then I have found that opportunities have come in spades as I have met people and attended seminar events. It has been an interesting ride, better when I had my own business and at times broke when I was in between mentors.

There are two ways I’ve come to see of looking at the past few years of my life. One is this, that on the surface, I have gone from opportunity from opportunity. The other is a view that trusts God above the circumstances of life. One of my mentors, David Hancock, likes to say “God guides our footsteps.” I believe in that very much too. I’ve seen this idea throughout my business career, which is about four years in the making now.

I do desire in the future to have a longevity in what I am doing and not to drift from opportunity to opportunity. But at the same time, who am I to try and dictate what the Lord has in store for me. A month from now, my life might get turned upside down and I find myself flying to India to become a missionary…. who knows! God said in the book of Proverbs, “The mind of man plans his way, but the Lord is the one who directs his steps.” I know that my plans take a distant second place to the plans that God has in store for me. But I do know it is my responsibility to make plans for my life–to go where led.

This has worked out beautifully here recently. After spending about 7 months with Morgan James Publishing, we ran into turbulent waters with our relationship. At the same time, an opportunity began surfacing with Impulsive Profits to begin speaking and seminar work with the Pierce’s in Asia. It seemed so interesting that that is the same place where I wanted to help send missionaries. It seemed to be a clue that God was working out His plans. I am taking it on faith and not developing any other business interests at this time. I don’t know what the Lord has in store and because of that, I am trusting Him to reveal the plans in His own perfect time.


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