January 14, 2007

Building a Non-Profit

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:50 pm by John Roney

I’ve alwarys dreamed of building a non-profit organization that would take the money I give and invest it in commercial real estate and other secure-type, medium-yield type investments, from which it would give away the interest and cashflow from those investents. It would use the cashflow from the investments to sponsor missionaries and missionary work overseas.

I’m not sure if that can be done with a non-profit though. I wonder if it must be done with a regular business that is required to pay taxes. Right now, it doesn’t matter. Its time for the vision here.

The beauty is in compound interest and the power of big numbers. Let’s assume that we can achieve a 10% return on the investments that this organization has. If we had $6 million dollars, it would kick off $50,000 a month in cash flow at 10%. If we had $60 million dollars, we would have $500,000 a month in cash flow to use for advancing God’s Kingdom. Now that’s powerful. You could do so much good with that amount of money, and the best news is that the money would continue to flow, month after month after month after month, as long as the assets were still in place.

How much would we have available each and every month if we had $6 billion dollars in cash-flow producing assets? Yep, $50,000,000 (50 million dollars) a month. The wonderful problem you’d now have is how in the world you could spend that much money each month. That’s many miracles a month. : )


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