January 26, 2007

Notes on “The Millionaire Next Door” (Chapter 3 & 4)

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Time, Energy, and Money

They allocate their time, energy, and money efficiently, in ways conducive to building wealth.

Millionaires indicated on our survey “business owners” with “some college,” “four-year college graduate,” or “no college.” Warning: Parents should not suggest that their children drop out of college and start a business. Most business fail within a few years of their conception. Only a small minority of business owners ever earns a six-figure income. But those who do tend to accumulate more wealth than others in the same cohort. Those who spend their time in school get started later with wealth building. Most experts on wealth agree that the earlier one starts investing one’s income, the greater the opportunity to accumulate wealth.

“There is an inverse relationship between the time spent purchasing luxury items such as cars and clothes and the time sent planning one’s financial future.”

(It is encouraging that something like options trading exists as a way to help build wealth, by increasing income and also increasing return at the same time. I don’t think that will be talked about in this book though.)

Financial Goals

Many high income producing wealth builders have the following goals:

  1. To become wealthy by the time they retire.
  2. To increase their wealth.
  3. To become wealthy through capital appreciation.
  4. To build their capital while conserving the value of their assets.

Time Allocation

  1. They spend a lot of time planning my financial future.
  2. They have sufficient time to manager their investments properly.
  3. When it comes to the allocation of their time, they place the management of their own assets before their other activities.


Chapter 4: You Aren’t What You Drive

They believe that financial independence is more important than displaying high social status.

  1. “Money should never change one’s values…. Making money is only a report card. It’s a way to tell how well you’re doing.”
  2. Only one in five leased their cars. The rest bought used cars most of the time.
  3. “Its much easier in America to earn a lot than it is to accumulate wealth.”

January 23, 2007

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Sometimes God calls us to wait in neutral… to wait while he is lining up events and circumstances and people. This is where patience and trust come in most handy, yet are also most difficult.

January 22, 2007

Ten Smart Questions to Ask About A Market

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By Dan Kennedy:

1. What keeps them awake at night? What’s really bothering them so bad at night they can’t sleep?
2. What are they scared of?
3. Who are they mad at?
4. What are their top-3 daily frustrations?
5. What trends are occurring in their businesses or their lives?
6. What do they secretly want?
7. Is there a built in bias to the way they make decisions?
8. Do they have their own language?
9. Who else is selling something similar to them?
10. How well are they doing with it and in what format?

The Daily Regiment

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Just listening to some Dan Kennedy material right now and he is talking about how he got so good at writing (at least one of the reasons) and it seems it is about his daily regiment: start the day off with an hour or two of writing before the day gets busy.

That’s an incredible idea. You start your day off with the most important things first. I’ve heard this idea with the ‘write for the trash can’ approach to writing where you simply roll out of bed, pick up the notepad and starting to write.

I’ve heard of other daily regiments also. Tony Robbins has his hour of power where he starts the day with breathing, exercise, gratitude, visualization and focus for the day. This I have found very effective in the past, but shame on me for not continuing.

January 21, 2007

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“Attempt great things for God; expect great things from God.” William Carey

All Glory is Fading

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I was thinking about some co-authored books that I had the potential to write and produce, books which would help give me more credibility and an expert status for the topic’s I’d write about, and being okay with not pursuing them. These books made sense as part of the plan when I was working in the publishing business, but truly, they don’t necessarily help me accomplish my end outcomes, mainly to build wealth and sponsor missionaries (and to build an organization of some kind that will hold cash-flow producing assets, the profits of which would be designated to advance God’s kingdom).

This morning in church, (mcleanbible.org) Lon Solomon, describing a vacation over New Years said, “One morning I thought I would just get up and take a walk–it was a beautiful morning, and so it was just me and the Lord Jesus walking on the beach together and I love to walk right on the edge of the water where the waves wash up just around your feet. And as I was doing that I noticed something very interesting. I noticed that the water would roll up every few seconds and wash away the footprints that I had just made in the sand as I walked along.

“And it occured to me that this is the way life is–that as human beings, that our footprints are only temporary… that the only person who leaves footprints in the sand of this world, footprints that the world can’t wash away, is the Lord Jesus himself. It reminded me of a scene from the great movie Patton that I had always wanted to use in a sermon but was never able to figure out how… and so I’m going to use it today. Watch the scene and see if you can recognize the connection I made.

“For over a thousand years, Roman conquerors returning from a war enjoyed the honor of a triumph–a tumultuous parade. In the procession came trumpeters and musicians and strange animals from the conquered territories, together with carts laden with treasure and captured armaments. The conqueror rode in a triumphal charriot, the days prisoners walking in chains before him. Sometimes his children, robed in white, rode with him in the charriot. A slave stood behind the conqueror holding a golden crown and whispering in his ear a warning that all glory is fleeting.”

“…that only what’s done for Christ will last.” -Lon Solomon

I think this is all very true, and all very relevant especially at this time in my life. My focus tends to shift to the long-term focus for my life, which is serving the Lord by serving people and by doing what I can to help advance His kingdom. And that’s it. Books and courses and doing all the things that lead to building my own name don’t really matter when I keep those outcomes in mind. And you know what, that feels really, really good. : )

January 20, 2007

God Guides Our Footsteps

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Perhaps as you look back at your career, you can see some of the different directions you have gone in. I have been out of high school for almost 5 years now. It seems like a long time, and a lot has happened, particularly in the last year (2006).

In October 2005, I met Alex Mandossian at the Big Seminar and began working for him as an intern shortly thereafter. In January of ’06 I started traveling with Alex to his different speaking engagements, acting as his assistant. In May, I met David Hancock of Morgan James Publishing and went to work with him helping to qualify new authors and do sales and copywriting and ghostwriting work for his publishing company.

Then I had two small speaking engagements myself in the fall of ’06 for Morgan James. At the same time, Alicia Pierce asked if I could come speak on behalf of MJP in Asia. I was overjoyed, but David said we weren’t ready for Asia yet, so that opportunity died quickly. Then towards the end of the year in October, MJP let me go as an employee and put me in charge of an imprint of my own called Apprentice Press. Apprentice Press became the name of my business as well.

At the end of the year, I began talking with Alicia Pierce of Impulsive Profits about speaking, training and serving opportunities in Asia and maybe beyond with Stephen. I fell in love with the idea. It’s amazing because I have always dreamed of sponsoring missionaries overseas, especially to Asia and India. Plus, I’ve always dreamed of being a speaker and a trainer. The idea of being able to put the dreams and the geography together, plus the potential income that goes along with speaking, all made for a most wonderful Christmas and end-of-the-year present. : )

I love serving at seminars and training events. I know I am still looking for my ideal place to serve, that area of passion, that thing that I am best at, that thing that I would do where time doesn’t seem to exist. I’ve found this kind of experience at marketing and business seminars. In fact, I’ve volunteered at one Harv Eker event and found it was one of the best weekends of my life. I loved the serving, loved the teamwork with the other volunteers, and loved the opportunities to get on stage with Harv and meet the other trainers.

I’m so happy and grateful for the potential for these kind of opportunities with Stephen and Alicia and Impulsive Profits. I don’t yet know what I will be doing, but I know its all about service at this point in my life. I know the Lord has plans for this experience. I truly hope it is long lasting and I can serve over the long-term. I leave the plans in the Lord’s hands-for His glory! I am merely His humble servant.

The point of all this is that God is in control, even when I try and fight for the steering wheel. I was making plans all during 2006 and God was guiding my footsteps, taking me in the directions he wanted me to go. When I look back, I realize that if things had of continued with Alex, I would have not had the publishing experience with Morgan James. And I realize that if things had of continued with Morgan James, I would not have the opportunities to pursue my dreams with Stephen and Alicia in speaking and serving around the world. It’s truly amazing how God works.

I’ve found the most strength in giving up my plans and giving up control of my life–giving that control over to God. After all, He knows everything about my life today and yesterday and about everything that will happen to me tomorrow. I have noticed that the Lord’s plans are always better than my own anyway, so I am glad that my plans fail, and His plans take their place. If you’re struggling with trying to control all the events of your life, you might want to try giving up too. Decide what you want, yes, but then give up the plans to Him. I think you’ll like the results. : ) -John

January 19, 2007

Dan Kennedy on Confidence in the Marketplace

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-In Dan’s business, about a third of his activity is copywriting. That’s interesting. He says there are 25-50 pro copywriters in the counrty. Dan quotes people $25,000-$35,000 plus royalties for three letters.

-Says you have to have a straight face when sitting down to quote someone a price for writing, simply because of how high the fee is. I think this is another hint that I should begin learning how to write copy.

“To get a $25,000 advance out of a publisher to do a book, you almost have to agree to have their baby at the same time you do the book-particularly if it’s your first book.” -Dan Kennedy

Lesson #1: Set your price. Often times, you will find the people who are charging the most are the most successful. There is always a market for the high-end. Set your price by what you want to earn, what you feel like you’re worth. “If you’re selling in a no-resistance environment, you’re prices are too low.” Fundamentally, this means, stop doing things for free. Most people give away their time, give advice, etc. Most people give away their time for free, which doesn’t do you or them any good because you don’t make any money and they won’t use the advice.

–> An interesting idea, a change of mindset from what I had before, is that if I had of charged more, I would have been able to spend more time on the project, because I would have had more money to pay the bills and expenses.

“People like doing business with successful people.” If you’re the only car in a parking lot at a restaurant, you’re not going to want to stay there. The more successful you are, the more people are going to want to deal with you. It will take courage to “fit someone in” to an empty schedule.

–> When Dan started, he would never take calls right away or return them the same day. Its the delay that will help you. Successful people dictate the terms of how you do business with them.

You should stop giving away your time for free. I think this applies during the normal business hours, but would not apply at a seminar. I’ve seen Alex, Stephen, and many other extremely successful speakers give their time away at seminars, which seems good. I’ve also seen time given away when it comes to strong JV potential clients in a JV business model. This seems like a good idea too.

Radio Publicity for Authors

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I wanted to post the notes I took from a call with Alex Carroll about how to booked on radio talk shows… these are just my rough notes from the call which I found at http://www.PlannedTVArts.com (in the teleseminar section).

Alex Carroll Homework

Press Kit

  1. Easy Domain Name
  2. Landline (non-cordless phone)
  3. Record your interviews w/ Radio Shack type device
  4. Press Kit Online
  5. Press Kit
    1. Double pocket portfolio, with spot for business cards
    2. Outside Envelope

i. Red

ii. “Requested Material Enclosed”

iii. Hand-written address label

iv. Sticker/picture of yourself or hook idea on the envelope

    1. Paste your printed book cover on the front of the folder
    2. Left Hand Pocket

i. Press Release

1. Available for Interview

2. Contact Info

3. Headline/hook, must be great – “College Dropout Uses “The Apprentice” Principles to Earn A Six-Figure Income Before Age 21 Without Watching The Show—Shares How Others Can Use Same Ideas to Increase Income from A Job or Business”

4. Sub Headline – Author of The Everyday Apprentice tells your audience:

a. How to quickly and easily learn to increase income by 10-20% per year.

b. How to get more of the things they want out of life, faster and easier

c. How to double the rate to retirement

d. (make them want to call you)

ii. List of Sample Questions

a. 95% of the interviewers will use these questions

b. Put the time it takes for you to answer the question beside the question. “answer takes 1 minute”

iii. Controversy Sheet

a. “College Degree Not Necessary For Success In Life”

b. “Most People Spend Time With People Who Hurt Their Chances for Success”

    1. Right Hand Pocket

i. Recommendations from past shows you were on – testimonial letters

ii. Press Clippings

1. Yours

2. If you don’t have your own, find articles, press about your topic – so they see it’s a hot topic – get the biggest press you can find

  1. Calling the Producers
    1. Call the producers, not the hosts
    2. Keep a log of your phone calls and contacts

i. Keep notes, track who you send kits to, etc

ii. You will be guests more than once (they need 10,000 guests per day)

    1. Get right to the point in a voicemail or conversation – “Hey this is Alex Carroll and I wrote a book called How to Beat Speeding Tickets, and with the July 4th weekend coming up, I just thought you might want to have me as a guest on your show to help your listeners who are going to get nabbed in a speed trap over the weekend. If you’re interested I’d be happy to send you out a press kit.”
    2. Getting the Producer on the phone

i. Leave them one voicemail, don’t expect a return call, wait two days, call back

ii. You’ll get voicemail again, hit 0, go back to operator and say, “hey I got Bob’s voicemail, is there any chance that you can page him for me?”

iii. Build a relationship with them

iv. Never give up (high turnover rate in radio)

  1. When they are ready to book you
    1. When are you available?

i. Heart of drive time (7:30-8:30am & 5:15-6:15pm)

ii. “I’ve got a time at 7:30 on Tuesday, or 8:00 on Wednesday, which is best for you.”

iii. Non taped – If we must, we can. But if we can do live, then we will be able to take questions from your listeners and we can answer their questions right on the air and help them.

iv. Get the hotline number (in case you miss the call in)

  1. Interview
    1. Have five to ten bullet points to cover on the interview, your agenda
    2. Introduction – first 60 seconds – why did you write this book? What makes you qualified to write this book?

i. What makes me qualified to write this book? Quite simply, I dropped out of college, began being an apprentice of a successful businessman and within 9 months was earning the income I dreamed about in high school, all by learning from someone who was already getting the results I wanted.

ii. Why did I write this book? I’ve got a desire to serve people and so when I see people applying the principles I wrote about and getting what they want out of life, I get all fired up and want to share these ideas with others.

iii. Why should people listen to you and not switch to another station? I’m going to tell them how to increase their income by 10-20% each year…

    1. Meat of the interview

i. Bullet Points

1. how I beat six out of seven radar tickets – give them lists, and they won’t be able to write them down, so they want to go buy the book

ii. How do they get in touch with you?

1. “The best way for people to order is directly from the publisher. For whoever mentions the name of this show today on the website, they will get some freebies, like…. And….. price of the book is, and the website is theeverydayapprentice.com, and by the way, these books make great stocking stuffers.

a. Give away lists – can do.

  1. After the Interview
    1. Send them a thank you letter “thank you for having me. I look forward to being on again in the future. By the way, if you ever have someone that bails and you need a quick fill in, here’s my cell phone. please feel free to call me”
    2. “if you happen to be a part of one of those websites where you share info and posts with other radio stations, can you please post a good comment about me for the other stations so they will know about me too. thanks ever so much.”
  2. Tips
    1. Have a great show
    2. Get excited, twice over
    3. Have a database, Focus on the big shows (Alex’s Database)
    4. Know how to pitch the producers and be relentless

January 17, 2007

Encouraging Story… from a Multi-Millionaire

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John Reese is known by many to be one of the most successful marketers ever on the internet. He was first made famous by being the first to create a seven-figure product launch in 24 hours. Not bad, right? Over $1,000,000 in 24 hours.

I have met John only one time in person, but it was a great experience. It was in Orlando, Florida, which is where John lives. I was attending an internet marketing seminar and he had driven one of his cars, a classic Toyota Landcruiser (quite a beautiful car) to the event. Fortunately for me, I was working with David Hancock of Morgan James Publishing at the time, who was meeting with John about publishing a book for him in the future. I still consider it to be an amazing thing to be able to spend time talking (listening) with someone who is so successful.

So anyway, there I am, a 22-year-old myself, getting a chance to listen to one of the most brilliant minds on the internet. He is sharing with us some of his thoughts about what the marketplace as a whole (not the internet marketing scene) wants and needs. It was a fascinating discussion to be sure.

I ran across this quote by John Reese today, as a testimonial for a product that Stephen Pierce just released called Mind Power University–all about mental peak performance (www.mindpoweru.com). For me, this is a story of hope–that at 22 years of age, John Reese, like most people at some point in their careers, was a mess. I’ve felt like that kind of mess myself at times.

I’ve never been to the point of suicidal thoughts, or even being depressed really, because I just won’t let myself go there–that’s just one of my rules. But I do know what it feels like to be completely down and out, not knowing where to go or what to do. If John Reese could be in a place like that when he was 22 and go on to make millions of dollars as a successful business person, then I know there’s hope for this 22 year old as well. : ) Here’s John’s quote:

“Most people don’t realize how much their mind controls them. Even when we know in our hearts exactly what we want, our minds can keep us from getting it. We all go through a wide-range of life experiences, childhood events, and memories. And many of them have a very negative impact on us whether we realize it or not. These negative experiences can often program our mind to put up walls and barriers which end up limiting our positive thoughts and potential achievements.

I, personally, know this all too well. By the time I was 22 years old, I had suicidal thoughts almost every hour of the day. I was unhappy. I was unhealthy. And I was in over $100,000 of debt. I didn’t realize it at the time but it was because my mind was holding me back and keeping me miserable.

A few years later I would realize that I needed to ‘retrain’ my thinking in order to break the vicious cycle that my brain was keeping me in.

And the crazy thing is, once I really understood what my brain was doing it was EASY to change the course of my life — and it worked. I got completely out of debt and became financially independent. I stopped having panic attacks. I started to sleep better. I started to think more clearly and be more creative. And, overall, I became a lot happier.

I only wish I had discovered Mind Power University years ago. It would have given me a dramatic short-cut to a better way of thinking and a better life a lot sooner. I enjoy reading a lot of personal development information, and I found this product to be one of the most “well rounded” courses on the subject of reprogramming your brain for the things you want to think about and achieve. All of the brain exercises in the course are fantastic and I look forward to trying out some of the ones I have never been exposed to before.

Meditation is obvious proof that our brains need to be exercised and trained. There’s a darn good reason millions of people in Asia have been doing it for thousands of years.

I highly recommend the Mind Power University course for anyone that wants to really ‘shake up’ their thinking and explore the possibilities of unlocking their true potential.” -John Reese, Income.com

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